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The Ultimate Pre-workout Collaboration is Back!

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Explosive energy, lazer focus and an iron will to succeed...that's the BOLT Experience!

As America's "Best-Tasting" Pre-Workout, thousands of athletes, from beginners to professionals, have relied on BOLT Extreme Energy to help them accomplish more.

BOLT's cutting-edge formula is packed with the best ingredients and was created to provide extreme energy, focus, pumps and performance.

BOLT is made with the famous Modern BCAA flavor system, making it your go-to option for amazing sugar-free flavor!

Whether your journey is just starting or you're preparing for your next competition, BOLT will help you achieve more!

About BOLT Extreme

At Modern Sports Nutrition, we take our pre-workout supplements seriously and BOLT Extreme Energy is our absolute favorite energy & performance booster!

We like BOLT so much that we collaborated with Action Nutrition to flavor BOLT with our World-Famous ModernBCAA flavoring system.

Welcome to the most effective and best tasting pre-workout ever made.

Get your's now!

BOLT Pre-Workout Reviews


Lyle M. Back  - 16 MARCH 2021

"Excellent quality, key ingredients; perfect for a pre-workout drink. Tastes great and mixes easily. Gets the job done. Competitively priced. Shipped quickly. No problems. A great find! I will be ordering this again."


Verified Customer  - 15 JULY 2021

"Currently using this as a Pre-workout drink. This product has a good amount of caffeine and supplements. I bought two flavors so I can change it up. It even tastes good to mix each of the flavors together. I get a good amount of energy with no crash or jitters. Great product for the price and seems to be good for mental focus too."


B.M.F.  -  30 MARCH 2021

"I have been working out for 20ish years and have used a ton of different supplements. BOLT gives me a good energy boost before a workout and lasts for a good while afterwards. Will buy this again."

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