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Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

May 17, 2021 2 min read

"Fat Loss Cheat Sheet"


Eat More Food

When you lose weight, you lose both fat, great, and muscle, not so great!

If you suddenly start eating less and exercising more you’ll almost certainly lose muscle in the process.

You may need to eat more than you think to maintain as much muscle as possible (great!) while losing as much fat as possible (great!).

Lift More Weights

Weight lifting has proven to be a great way to maintain muscle mass while dieting and strength training can also increase your metabolism, helping you lose even more.

Supplement with BCAAs

Sip BCAAs while you weight train to help your muscles to recover and your body to stay hydrated by supplying it with the three Amino Acids most responsible for muscle growth and recovery and the water it takes to drink them.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated, but it can even boost your metabolism by up to 30% and as long as 1.5 hours. Drink up!

Do Cardio

Cardio burns calories and burning more calories while eating a healthier diet can lead to quicker weight loss, so don’t skip it!

To increase your cardio routine’s effectiveness consider fasted cardio in the morning or high intensity interval training, aka HIIT.

High-intensity interval training not only burns more calories in less time, but it even works when you’re not doing it. HIIT has been shown to significantly boost post-exercise calorie burn for up to 24 hours.

Drink EAAs

Drink an EAA or Essential Amino Acid supplement during your cardio session, especially if you’re doing HIIT, to ensure that high-intensity cardio doesn’t use up your amino acid stores before you need an abundance of aminos to repair or build muscle after weight training.

Get Enough Rest

Sleeping, surprisingly, is one of the more important factors in a successful weight loss plan.

Did you know that a study even shows that poor sleep is linked to a 55% increase of obesity in adults?

Eat Real Food

Whole, single-Ingredient Foods tend to be naturally filling and healthier than their processed counterparts.

Eating the right whole foods can help you be leaner and, more importantly, healthier.

Chug a Protein Shake

Adding more protein to your diet is one of the easiest ways to lose more weight.

High protein diets have been shown to increase calorie burn and decrease overall calories consumed.

Don't Skip the Fruit

Fruit can be high in sugar, I know, but it's good for you and I don't know anyone that got fat from eating too many apples! Do you?

Vegetables and Fruits are high in fiber, low in calories and can be very filling.



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